Why Are People Freaking Out Over a Lovers Spat?

Seriously, I had to finally start a Tumblr account to address the foolishness. Why are people freaking out over a lovers spat? Ummm anyone remember when Olivia was freaking out over Amanda Tanner and slapped him? Did we conveniently forget how just last episode she essentially leveraged the fact that he’s hopelessly in love with her to shut down the Autopsy/US attorney and screamed “Thats what I want!” at him? How about the way he immediately acquiesced to her? They both *technically* have no right to feel possessive over each-other or betrayed but our emotions are not ruled by logic.

Did Fitz fly into an irrational jealous rage? Absolutely, but she’s done just as many irrational things towards him and no one was writing her off. They’re two people in an impossible high-stress situation and sometimes they snap at eachother….newsflash they’re human. His outburst was just him acting out because he feels this situation is so far out of his control. I thought Angry Fitz was sexy because it demonstrated how much passion he had for her, when it came out that Mellie allegedly had an affair on the campaign trail he barely batted an eyelash, but let Olivia be seen even talking to her ex and he’s blowing a gasket, I thought it was very telling.

Either way I think its awesome that theres a new fully available man in the picture for her, it will be really healthy for her to be with a man she can be with publicly and without guilt. I was excited by the prospect of  a fine chocolatey ex coming into the picture and really shaking things up/presenting some stiff competition for Fitz a la Aidan on Sex and the City but I gotta be honest, so far I’m pretty underwhelmed.

Idris Elba or Blair Underwood would’ve been much more yummy and intriguing for this role. This guy already seems like a huge bore and no shade, not really doing it for me in the looks dept like….at all. That being said I’m open to seeing more of them and possibly seeing them in a new light. I’m glad theres a new man in the picture so that she can get some normal, she deserves it, I’m not sure if she’s cut out for it, but it’ll be fun to watch her try.

Oh and I’m definitely gonna be devastated next week when Fitz “Let’s her go” that is gonna be BRUTAL. Anywhoo this is my first post on tumblr! I’d love to hear your thoughts/reactions, glad to join you all!

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  1. lovablebarbi answered: i agree with every thing you said , and it would be funny to see olivia try to be normal
  2. marilynprescott answered: I agree. Both have done stupid things because love can drive you insane sometimes. I think passion expressed can be an effective expression.
  3. moncheriiee answered: Very astute!
  4. tjlikesprettythings answered: I’m totally with you on all that you said. Welcome to tumblr! :)
  5. cinnabana answered: Co-sign. You did awesome for your post analysis. I totally agree.
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