Still Tryna Get My Bearings After This Wild Eppy

Wow don’t even know where to begin. Not surprised that Liv was devastated when he gave her what she thought she wanted. Kerry knocked it out of the park in their scenes, I felt everything she was going through.

I am toooooo thru that all those folk were at the same table schemin…wow. WTHeck do they have cookin.

Now Abby and David are in cahoots and although she’s skeptical, he’s gonna bring her over to the conspiracy side in no time. I wonder if theres a reason Liv is keeping her around…..

They said they have a David problem but are they aware they have an Abby problem?

Senator Edison seems nice enough but…….meh.

I wonder how long this breakup is gonna last between Liv and Fitz. I’m sad for them but it was necessary to get some space. Looking forward to seeing how they find themselves back together. Tony and Kerry really brought it as usual, it would be awesome to see them do more work together as love interests, their chemistry is incredible.

I loved the way Harrison broke down why he’s always down for Liv and trusts her regardless.

Huck?…..lawdy lawdy where to begin? I think the only thing that will help is if Olivia steps in, in a big way, she needs to stop ignoring Huck, now THATS a dude thats ticking.

I’m so glad Fitz and Mellies facade of a marriage is on full display again, it is so much fun to laugh and smh at. I loved their fakeness when he was boarding air force 1, belittling eachother through fake smiles lol and it was hilarious when he was like he’s pretending like he give an eff that Mellie was barfed on. I was too thru in the opening scene when she referenced him getting erections in his sleep dreaming of Olivia…..damn! But I love the fact that the real Mellie is back.

Oh and Mellie is CRAY tambout you want a seat at the decision making table, if that the case you shoulda ran for elected office boo! I love her crazy ass.

I guess Edison’s gonna be the rebound dude and he’s gonna be all sprung and cheesin like yea I got this! Then the rug’s gona be snatched up from under him. Womp.

I love the way Shonda always makes women the leaders, but I want her to empower the character of Fitz more, yes its true the women are usually running the show but damn, let Fitz run part of it at least

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